For Invitees:

By scheduling an appointment through Voxiplan’s platform or via our phone booking service, you consent to receive transactional emails and SMS notifications related to your booking, such as confirmations and reminders. Consent is explicitly obtained via a clear and unambiguous opt-in mechanism, such as a checkbox on the booking page or a verbal confirmation during bookings made over the phone, ensuring you are fully informed and agree to receive these communications.

For Hosts:

In this policy, “hosts” refers to clients who register and use Voxiplan to manage appointments, services, or events. As part of our service, hosts who enable SMS notifications in the app agree to receive SMS communications relevant to the service provision, including but not limited to booking confirmations and reminders. The SMS feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by the host for both themselves and their invitees.

Responsibility for Consent:

Hosts are responsible for ensuring they have obtained the necessary consent from their invitees to send SMS notifications, in line with legal requirements. Voxiplan provides the platform and the tools for SMS communication but does not oversee consent collection. Hosts must comply with local laws and best practices regarding consent.

Usage and Costs:

Using the SMS notification feature incurs charges per message segment, with rates varying by destination, detailed on our Voxiplan also offers VoxiSMS, a complimentary app for sending SMS messages, available to hosts with a paid subscription.

Compliance with Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy:

By using the SMS notification feature, hosts agree to comply with the Twilio Acceptable Use Policy and acknowledge that usage is monitored to prevent abuse and ensure fair use. Voxiplan reserves the right to limit, restrict, or suspend SMS usage to protect the platform and ensure equitable access for all users.

Limitations on Content:

Hosts are reminded that SMS notifications should not contain marketing or promotional content unless explicitly consented to by the recipients. It is the hosts’ responsibility to ensure that messages comply with this policy and all applicable laws.

Managing Your Preferences:

Opt-Out Mechanism: You can opt out of receiving SMS notifications at any time by replying with the keyword “STOP”. Upon doing so, you will receive a confirmation message: “You’ve been unsubscribed from VoxiPlan notifications. You won’t receive further text messages.”

Help and Support: For assistance or more information, reply with “HELP”. You will receive a message with support options: “VoxiPlan Support: For assistance, visit or call us at +3228084080. To stop receiving messages, reply STOP.”

Your preferences for receiving SMS notifications can be updated at any time by contacting our support team or managing your settings within the Voxiplan platform.

Changes to this Policy:

Voxiplan reserves the right to modify this SMS Communication Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the revised policy on our website. We will take reasonable steps to inform you of significant changes through the platform or via email.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about this policy or our SMS communications, please contact us at [email protected]