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availability settings

Define your availability

Connect your calendar to sync your availabilities or define a custom schedule for every appointment type, team member or resource.

share booking link

Share or embed your widget

Simply share the link to your booking page or embed your widget on your website.

booking confirmed

Send automatic confirmations

Once bookings are confirmed, you and your invitees automatically receive confirmations by email or SMS.

Streamline your scheduling workflow

Set up in seconds

Kickstart your scheduling workflow with an intuitive and easy-to-use setup process.

Fine-tune your availability

Get granular with custom schedules for specific events, resources, or workspaces.

Send automatic reminders

Send confirmations, reminders, and rescheduling notices automatically. No manual work needed.

Easily manage teams and locations

Coordinate your people, places, and things with intuitive, resource-specific scheduling.

Customize your calendar view

Choose between Month, Week, Day, and List views to visualize your schedule the way you like.

Get booked across timezones

No more time mix-ups—our system auto-detects time zones, or lets users select theirs.

Enhanced Availability Settings

Customize your schedules for individual team members, make temporary adjustments seamlessly, and create template schedules for recurring availability patterns. You are in full control over how appointments should be booked across locations and resources.

Manage and assign bookings to multiple team members

Handling a team of two or more people? Easily assign team members to different workspaces or locations and appointment types. Get granular with custom availabilities for each team members and appointments.

resources assignment

Sync your online calendar

Synchronize with established calendar systems for a unified view of your schedules. Integrate with any appointment scheduling tool of your choice that syncs with Google Calendar, Microsoft or iCal.

Privacy-first availability sharing

Let team members sync their calendars without seeing what's going on inside their schedule. Everybody's calendars stay private - we only sync their availability to display time slots.

More than just an online calendar

Automate bookings over the phone

Voxiplan's scheduling platform is your all-in-one tool for scheduling automation. Our virtual AI assistant lets callers automatically book appointments with you over the phone.

Conversational booking assistant

Deliver a natural scheduling experience with a virtual AI assistant that your users can talk to. Our conversational AI assistant manages bookings, cancellation and rescheduling through Chat and SMS.

All your communication channels in one place

Manage bookings across all of your channels with ease from one platform. Voxiplan gives you the tools to streamline appointment scheduling across any channel.

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