All the features you need for effective booking management

Customized booking management

Online payment

Ask your customers to pay online when making an appointment. You can integrate with PayPal and Stripe, or redirect to your own online payment page.

Promotions & discount codes

Create promotions to allow your customers to enter discount codes when they book an appointment.

Charge for late cancellations

A client canceled last minute and you can't replace it with another booking? Set up a late cancellation fee in your agenda.

Allow changes and cancellations

Give your customers the ability to cancel or edit appointments. Decide how far in advance changes are possible.

Only display available time slots

Display your calendar as a daily, weekly, monthly calendar or show a list of available time slots. You can fully adapt the view to suit your business.

Individual and group bookings

Create slots for a individual customers or set capacities for group appointments.

Email & SMS reminders

Send reminders to your customers automatically via email or SMS. You decide how many reminders are sent and when.

Send emails using your domain name

Use your own domain name in your Voxiplan calendar address and send confirmation emails with your own email address.

Adjust the agenda to suit your work process

Booking deadlines

Specify how far in advance your customers can make appointments, make changes or cancel.

Repeat appointments

Allow your customers to make repeat bookings. Decide what information is required to make regular appointments.

Take bookings over the phone

Improve appointment booking over the phone with your virtual assistant who takes your calls 24/7, holidays included.

Schedule people, facilities or equipment

Define what types of resources are provided: facilities, people, equipment etc. Create a calendar for each type of resource or a common agenda for all.

Create booking forms

Create registration forms for your events or appointments to collect additional information when a booking is made.

Waiting lists

Create waiting lists with manual or automatic placements. You can send an automatic notification to your customers when a spot becomes available.

Ask for the purpose of the booking

Ask the customer to specify the reason for taking an appointment. You can customize the fields and add your own questions.

Booking details

Collect additional information by adding your own custom booking fields, drop-down lists, and forms to your users' sign-up process.

User management: your team and your customers

Add hidden fields

Add supervisor fields that can only be viewed and edited by authorized users.

Booking changes

Specify who can create, update, or delete reservations and under which conditions they have permission.

Manage permissions

Provide admins with additional management permissions so they can complete tasks for you.

Block users

Act on behalf of users and block or unblock users.

Design & Layout: Customize your agenda

Languages, currencies & time zones

Choose from a menu of 29 languages, 26 currencies and all time zones in the world.

Colors to suit your brand

Configure the layout of your appointment calendar to match the style of your own website for consistent branding.

Show your own logo

Your logo can be displayed above the agenda, on the booking page and in your confirmation emails.

Free booking web page

No website? No problem. We include a free page for your business so that clients can book online.

Synchronization & Integration

Integrates with Google, Outlook, and iCal

Your agenda's availability can be linked to and depend on another calendar for more complex configurations.

Sync your availability

Link your Google Calendar so that appointments from it do not display as available on your VoxiPlan calendar.

Bookings via Facebook

Place a link to your online calendar on your Facebook page and create a "book now" button.

Developer features

Voxiplan also provides advanced features for web developers looking to integrate custom modules.

Show appointments on other calendars

You can create unlimited agendas with dependencies between these agendas.

Integrate with your own website

Integrate Voxiplan into your website using an iframe or link to the booking system with a "book now" button.

Integrate with PayPal and Stripe.

Integrate direct payment methods with PayPal or Stripe, or manage the payment yourself.

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal

We provide a free module for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal that automatically opens a session for your users.

Security: your personal and user data

Secured connection

The connection of all your Voxiplan calendars is encrypted in https (SSL / TLS) to protect your data.

Set viewing permissions

You don't need to show the details of your appointments or unavailable time slots. Slots are simply blocked, without showing booking or client details.

Manage access to your calendars

Access to your online appointment calendar can be controlled by IP address, e-mail address or shared passwords.

Complies with European Directives

Voxiplan is in full compliance with the European directive for data protection. All our operations aim to avoid unplanned downtime.

Reports & Analytics: Get detailed information on your bookings

Import & export easily

User data can be imported and exported in various formats from your online booking system.

Create custom reports

The Reports section gives you an overview of your booking activity. They can be exported to programs such as Excel, allowing you to create your own custom reports.

Differentiate between products or appointments

The menu selection can contain product codes to facilitate back office processing.

A unique ID for each booking

Choose to display a unique ID for each appointment or reservation.