Appointment scheduling platform features

Features built for better scheduling

See what’s inside the Voxiplan scheduling platform

event notifications

Automated Event Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop with automated reminders and confirmations via SMS or email.


Automatic reminders

Send automatic appointment reminders to your invitees and team members.

booking forms

Booking Forms

Capture essential client details with customizable booking forms tailored to your needs.

Business Hours

Business Hours

Define your availability by setting customizable business hours for call reception.

Calendar sync

Calendar Sync

Sync with your online calendar on Google, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Outlook or iCal (Apple).

Forward to phone

Call Forwarding

Automatically forward calls to any designated phone number for on-the-go accessibility.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Manage high call volumes efficiently by placing incoming calls in an organized queue.


Call Reporting

Gain insights into your communication funnel by tracking both incoming and outgoing calls.

Call Routing

Call Routing

Automatically direct incoming calls to the right department or individual.


Cancel and Reschedule Events

Give customers the flexibility to change or cancel appointments without hassle.

click analytics

Click Reporting

Monitor the performance of your SMS campaigns by tracking clicks on your short links, giving you a clearer view of user engagement.

Collect payments

Collect Payments

Simplify transactions by enabling secure and immediate payments during the booking process.

Concurrent Calls

Handle multiple calls at once to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction.

custom announcements

Custom Announcements

Broadcast updates or offers over the phone using customizable announcements.

Custom Branding

Reflect your brand's identity with fully customizable booking pages.

Custom branding

Custom Page Branding

Add your own logo, title and description to your booking page.

custom schedule

Custom Schedules

Set custom schedules for specific team members, locations or resources.

custom welcome message

Custom Welcome Message

Greet customers with a personalized message to make them feel valued.

Custom booking links

Customizable Booking Links

Create unique, branded URLs to share your booking page with the world.

data deletion

Data Deletion

Comply with data privacy standards by securely and easily deleting customer data.

email support

Email Support

Receive timely and comprehensive support directly to your inbox.

embedded booking

Embedded Scheduling on Your Site

Seamlessly integrate the booking widget or chat directly into your website for a cohesive user experience.

event buffers

Event Buffers

Add time between appointments to avoid rushing and prepare for the next client.



Assign direct extensions to team members for more efficient internal communication

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (Phone Menu)

Enhance customer experience with automated phone menus for quick issue resolution.

time zone support

International Numbers

Expand your global footprint by offering localized numbers for international audiences.

manage team members

Invite Team Members Into Account

Collaborate effectively by inviting team members to manage scheduling and bookings.

Live Chat

Live Chat Support

Get instant help with our real-time chat feature for rapid issue resolution.

Maximum Appointments per Customer

Maximum Appointments per Customer

Control customer booking behavior by setting limits on the number of appointments.


Onboarding and Implementation

Get started smoothly with guided setup and implementation.

phone support

Phone Support

Gain peace of mind with immediate phone assistance for any issues.

Prevent Double-Bookings

Prevent Double-Bookings

Ensure appointments don’t overlap, maintaining a smooth scheduling flow.

redirect to URL

Redirect to URL

Automatically send users to a custom page after a successful booking, perfect for thank-you pages or upsells.

remove branding

Remove Voxiplan Branding

Maintain a fully branded customer experience by removing Voxiplan branding from your booking page.



Let invitees reschedule their appointments online, over the phone or by chat/SMS.

Ring Groups

Ring Groups

Distribute incoming calls across specific groups to ensure prompt response.

SMS Business Text Messaging

SMS Business Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages for quick, non-intrusive customer interactions.


SMS Reporting

Analyze the effectiveness of your text messaging with detailed reports on incoming and outgoing SMS traffic.


Stripe Payments

Connect your Stripe account to accept payments, making financial transactions a breeze for you and your customers.

time slot preferences

Time Slot Preferences

Allow customers to choose their preferred time slots to streamline the booking experience.

Time-based routing

Time-based Routing

Automatically route calls based on time or day to the most appropriate agents.

time zone support

Time-zone Support

Eliminate scheduling confusion with automatic time-zone adjustments for international bookings.

Collect payments

Toll-free Numbers

Give your customers a free way to reach you with dedicated toll-free numbers.



Never miss important messages with an integrated, easy-to-access voicemail system.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email

Receive voice messages in your email inbox as audio recordings and voice to text transcriptions.