"Hello, I am Laura, your virtual assistant.
I can answer your calls
24h/24, 7j/7."

Laura is an intelligent bot that schedules appointments over the phone.

Connected to your online agenda

Laura integrates with your agenda to find available time slots and suggest them to your customers.

Automatic Scheduling Assistant

Appointments are automatically entered into your agenda when the customer confirms the appointment. Your customer receives an SMS to confirm the booking.

No more interruptions at work

Your virtual assistant manages your phone call while you can focus on your work. Hair dressers, doctors, massage centers: you’ll never be interrupted by phone calls again!

What can your assistant do?

Answer your calls day and night

The system lets your callers book appointments without you having to take the call.

Communicate in a natural way

The phone system is designed to communicate with your callers using natural language.

Broadcast important information

Customize your phone menu and add the messages you'd like to broadcast.

Find availabilities in your agenda

The virtual assistant integrates with your agenda and suggests availabilities to your clients.

Transfer your calls

Your caller prefers to speak to someone in person? Set up the system to redirect your calls.

Send automatic reminders

The assistant sends automatic SMS reminders to reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations.

Customize your menu and all your messages

You are in control of what your callers hear when they dial your number.

personnaliser votre menu
choisir la langue et la voix

Choose your favorite voice in over 80 languages

The phone appointment scheduling service is multilingual and perfectly adapts to your needs.

On average, people spend 28 hours a month following up on missed phone calls.

Save time starting today with your own virtual assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

The virtual assistant is a smart robot that integrates with your phone system and uses AI to schedule appointments over the phone automatically. It enables business professionals to fill up their agenda without being interrupted by phone calls during the work day or having to follow up on missed calls after hours.

Most customers are very happy about the fact that they can easily schedule appointments whenever it suits them best, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep in mind that your clients can always leave the phone menu and get in touch with you whenever they need to.

Even though our virtual assistants may sound like real people, they’re smart robots! The virtual assistant is an interactive phone system that is controlled and managed by you. Since the tasks are being done by a machine and not a real person, the robot will always be cheaper than remote phone answering services.

Whether you answer phone calls yourself or have an assistant who does it, appointment scheduling is a very repetitive tasks that doesn’t provide any added value to your business. With less interruptions during the work day, your assistant has more time for other tasks that need a real person’s skills and decision making. If you are already using a remote phone answering service, you can combine the automatic phone scheduling system with your providers services to save money. A robot will always be cheaper than a real person working for you. Give your callers the option to book an appointment using the phone system first, and redirect your calls to a real person if they need to talk to someone.

The rates depend on the number of phone calls you receive. You can pick a subscription with a certain number of calls included or pay per call.

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